Saturday, February 13, 2010

Welsh Harlequin pictures for reference...

Ancona reference pictures.

More reference pictures...

Summer molt, and young birds after 2005 breeding season. (Bird in doghouse door is a female from Ideal Hatchery, never used in breeding pen, but purchased to add new blood...never did.)

Snowy duckling (hen) and grey duckling (drake) hatched from 07 breeding season. Crossed Fridge w/L. Allen grey hen, with the intention of getting darker snowy, but only hatched didn't have birds to cross back. Used trout drake this season too, and hatched 2 pure white drakes.

Mama hen late breeding season (notice head color has lightened.)

Mama Hen and her brood she hatched in '05 (one drake, three hen ducklings)
Mama Hen one of original two breeding hens from OH. Hatched 2003.

Snowy Mallard Reference Pictures

ducklings hatched in incubator (three hens)

Dark Silver (Trout) drake...introduced all the rec. white and pied genes.

' '03 breeder drake...original drake from OH.

Fridge--breeder drake hatched from refridgerated eggs. Italic
(in eclipse plummage)

Two breeder hens hatched by us in late season (Nov. or Dec.)