Saturday, December 25, 2010

Remington & Kali

Here are a couple pictures of the parent dogs of our new litter.
The first is Remington and the lower picture is Kali.

Puppies were welped 12/15/2010, and will be ready the week of Valentine's Day. We have 4 females and 1 male, and the male is already spoken for!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Golden Retriever Flyer

Our female had five puppies on 12/15/10. They will not be ready til the middle-late part of Feb. 2011, but I wanted to save this flyer somewhere online so I would have it for later.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

2011 Price List

A couple of people have e-mailed to ask about prices for birds and I decided it would be easier to post them rather than have to retype them each and every time. So here you go. Please keep in mind that we are NOT a hatchery. We breed for breed standards and breed qualities that we think are important parts of each breed. (We will not sell day-old ducklings.)

2011 Prices

Hatching Eggs:
Welsh Harlequin $20.00 a dz. (includes shipping)
Trout Indian Runners $15.00-6 (includes shipping)
Snowy Mallards $15.00-6 (includes shipping)
*Grey Mallard (will be split for snowy)
*these will be eggs from a very nice quality grey drake over one of our lighter snowy hens. We will only be doing this one pair like this, so only a few eggs will be available. If you are interested in a color project. (E-mail for info about those)
Nankin Bantams $20.00 for 6 eggs. (includes shipping.)
Saxony Ducks $20.00 a dz. (includes shipping) we don't have pictures of these, but we have a very nice strain of these birds, they are older birds, so we don't normally sell many of their eggs, but if you are interested, we do have them. Our two year old shows them from time to time. He won BB and RB Saxony at the last show we went to. Very beautiful birds!

Started & Adult Birds all breeds prices range, but are normally between $10.00-$60.00 for pairs. Once in a while we have individuals for sale and they are $10.00-$25.00 each.

E-mail with questions. Eggs will probably be available around the 1st of Feb. 2011. We do sell adults and well started birds in person, and at the shows we attend. We will not ship them. If you are interested in stock. The 2011 Crossroads National will be in Indianapolis this Fall. It is a great show, and if you contact us, we can hold birds for you for delivery to the show. Just let us know. We plan to hatch a fair number of birds to show and have some for sale there.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Call Pair For Sale

Nutmeg pair for sale. They are both 2010 hatch.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

New Additions to 2011 season

New Snowy Mallards from OH.

Well we can't yet say that we are ready for 2011 to start, but we are slowly getting our breeding pens in order and ready for a new breeding season. Here are our plans (written in pencil for the time being.)
Welsh Harlequins: 3 Drakes 9 Ducks (both silver phase and gold phase all in one pen.)
Indian Runners: 1 Drake 2 Ducks (all trout)
Snowy Mallard: 4 Drakes 4 Ducks (four breeding pens)
Nankins: 2 Cocks 4 Hens (two breeding pens of rose and single combs)
Ameraucana: 1 Cock 4 Hens (one breeding pen all blacks)
Call Ducks: not really sure what we are doing with these, maybe not hatching anything from them, still don't know.
I am pretty sure the New Hampshires, color project, and maybe a couple other birds here and there are for sale...e-mail if interested.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Project Cockerel, Nankins, New Hampshires & Call Ducks

Chocolate Project Cockerel: Turning out to be quite a beautiful bird but unless I find something to use him with, this is pretty much the end of the project.

Nankins out in the daypens. They don't stay in these without us being home, but they give the chickens some much need access to green our well...brown grass and dirt and bugs, without any worry of the males fighting or anything getting them.

New Hampshire Bantam Hen

New Hampshire Bantam Male

Same male...again.

Blue Magpie Drake and Black Magpie Duck
Our two year old son had a pair of black Modern Game bantams that disappeared, (not sure if it was a wandering dog or 'coon.) Anyway, he loves birds so we wanted to replace them before he noticed and through a huge fit about it. Anyway...I still don't think he's noticed the bantams are missing, but he is in love with these two little Call ducks. Hopefully we can hatch some next Spring. They are such cute ducklings!!! These are far from top show quality, but nice ducks for a two year old.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Show season

Upcoming Show: Oct. 16th - Central Indiana Poultry Breeders Assoc. (Lebanon, IN) We sent off our show entry form for the CIPBA show, and wouldn't you guess most of the birds are molting and looking less than the best. We are taking mostly waterfowl with the exception of the Ameraucana male and so sale birds. We are also taking some rabbits for sale. There are six Dutch rabbits out there that we need to sell. We didn't need them to begin with but we are helping out a friend of ours that developed an allergy to rabbits after a bout with pnemonia. They are nice rabbits but she is allergic to them, so we are disposing of them for her. In the meantime, I did take some more pictures of our Snowy Mallards.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

The growing out waiting game...

We have several really nice looking babies growing out in what were breeding pens. Most of the adult birds have been moved to "community" pens and now we are waiting, culling and anticitpating the show season. Our first show of the Fall season will be the White River Poultry Association show in Spencer, IN. We won't have anything for sale, but if you are interested, I may have a couple of Welsh Harlequin drake-lings to spare, and I have my chocolate cross project hen for sale. (She didn't turn out as I had expected so she doesn't need to stay around, she's carrying chocolate, but I won't be able to use her.) Also looking for a few misc. birds...but most of them I think are found, just need to get them here. Fall is just around the corner! Can't wait for some cooler weather!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Chocolate breeding project

These are the product of a chocolate Old English Game hen and a Rose combed Nankin Rooster
(Note: the pullet has a rose comb and the cockerel has a single, which means the rooster is split for both in comb genetics otherwise they would have both been rose combs.)
This was a breeding project to see how chocolate reacts within these patterns. My ultimate goal is to create something similar in pattern to a Nankin, but where they have black in the tails, I want these to have chocolate. They are very cool looking!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Unfortunatly we don't have any babies to show off yet. We are working on it though, we have handful of Snowy Mallard and Nankin eggs in an incubator. We have a borrowed-broody bantam hen, that we have half a dozen Nankin eggs under and are collecting Welsh Harlequin, Saxony, Snowy Mallard and of course Nankin eggs to set as soon as we turn on the large GQF incubator. We also order 20 Welsh Harlequin ducklings from Holderreads' Preservation Farm. Hopefully we will be able to "more quickly" rebuild our duck flock after the fox attacks last season.
Happy Hatching Everyone!!! Hopefully some nice young birds will soon be filling our brooders, but until then...we are continuing to collect eggs to hatch. We will not have any hatching eggs available this year. We may have young adult birds around the end of August or middle of September.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Nankin Bantams (The Guys)

These aren't the best pictures, it was later than I thought, and the flash from the camera really messed up the color, but its a general idea of what they look like. I will attempt to get some pictures of them running around on the green grass...they are much prettier against the green.
this is hopefully the replacement for the original cock. (blue legband)
(He choked and died...not kidding, found him after I fed one evening.) :(

tall, dark, and gangly...

rosecomb hen, chocolate oeg hen, original rosecomb cock, single comb hen

head shot of blue legband cock.

Nankin Bantams

new hen #1

original rosecomb hen with metal legband from Indy Nationals back in '07

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Welsh Harlequin pictures for reference...

Ancona reference pictures.

More reference pictures...

Summer molt, and young birds after 2005 breeding season. (Bird in doghouse door is a female from Ideal Hatchery, never used in breeding pen, but purchased to add new blood...never did.)

Snowy duckling (hen) and grey duckling (drake) hatched from 07 breeding season. Crossed Fridge w/L. Allen grey hen, with the intention of getting darker snowy, but only hatched didn't have birds to cross back. Used trout drake this season too, and hatched 2 pure white drakes.

Mama hen late breeding season (notice head color has lightened.)

Mama Hen and her brood she hatched in '05 (one drake, three hen ducklings)
Mama Hen one of original two breeding hens from OH. Hatched 2003.

Snowy Mallard Reference Pictures

ducklings hatched in incubator (three hens)

Dark Silver (Trout) drake...introduced all the rec. white and pied genes.

' '03 breeder drake...original drake from OH.

Fridge--breeder drake hatched from refridgerated eggs. Italic
(in eclipse plummage)

Two breeder hens hatched by us in late season (Nov. or Dec.)