Thursday, November 24, 2011

"In Pencil" 2012 Breeding Plans

These are all still "in pencil" as we haven't actually divided the pens or switched anyone around yet, but this is the plan so far.

Welsh Harlequins:
4 males, 8 females (3 trios of silvers, 1 trio of golds)
All bred together for the first portion of the year, and then around May, we may seperate the gold drake with our best silver hens to hatch gold breeder females from.

Indian Runners:
2 males, 4 females (2 trios)
All bred together for the breeding season, in hopes to increase the flock and give us a few more birds to go through and cull down to a decent flock.

5 males, 10 females
J.P. Drake x KS old hens, KS old drake x JP old hens, KS young drake x ks young hens, the wild greys will stay together as a pair, the J.P. gray drake will go in with one of the snowy hens we hatched last Spring from another line that is pied in hopes of producing all grey pieds. (Just for fun!)

East Indie:
Pair together

Still not sure on this project.

Pair together.

Still don't know, probably won't decide until they begin laying anyway.

Largefowl Gamefowl Project:
Red Male x Black Modern Game Hens

Micah's Projects:
Birchen, Silver Blue, Blue & Black Modern Game bantams.
White & Splash Showgirl/Silkies

Friday, November 18, 2011

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ducklings and Chickens

A white Call, three gray Calls & a Welsh Harlequin ducklings from several years ago.

Two pictures of the game-ish project cock I currently have. I love the color, but he's wild!!! Same one in the chicken crossing the road blog, but I finally caught him to dub him.

A cream light brown Dutch hen. We use to raise these wonderful little birds several years ago, and I love the breed, they are fragile birds, but excellent for children and great for 4H. (This photo is from the 2006 Crossroads National Show in Indianapolis. Hard the believe it was that long ago, but after the last one in October, it seems like just yesterday.