Saturday, October 23, 2010

Project Cockerel, Nankins, New Hampshires & Call Ducks

Chocolate Project Cockerel: Turning out to be quite a beautiful bird but unless I find something to use him with, this is pretty much the end of the project.

Nankins out in the daypens. They don't stay in these without us being home, but they give the chickens some much need access to green our well...brown grass and dirt and bugs, without any worry of the males fighting or anything getting them.

New Hampshire Bantam Hen

New Hampshire Bantam Male

Same male...again.

Blue Magpie Drake and Black Magpie Duck
Our two year old son had a pair of black Modern Game bantams that disappeared, (not sure if it was a wandering dog or 'coon.) Anyway, he loves birds so we wanted to replace them before he noticed and through a huge fit about it. Anyway...I still don't think he's noticed the bantams are missing, but he is in love with these two little Call ducks. Hopefully we can hatch some next Spring. They are such cute ducklings!!! These are far from top show quality, but nice ducks for a two year old.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Show season

Upcoming Show: Oct. 16th - Central Indiana Poultry Breeders Assoc. (Lebanon, IN) We sent off our show entry form for the CIPBA show, and wouldn't you guess most of the birds are molting and looking less than the best. We are taking mostly waterfowl with the exception of the Ameraucana male and so sale birds. We are also taking some rabbits for sale. There are six Dutch rabbits out there that we need to sell. We didn't need them to begin with but we are helping out a friend of ours that developed an allergy to rabbits after a bout with pnemonia. They are nice rabbits but she is allergic to them, so we are disposing of them for her. In the meantime, I did take some more pictures of our Snowy Mallards.