Sunday, November 7, 2010

New Additions to 2011 season

New Snowy Mallards from OH.

Well we can't yet say that we are ready for 2011 to start, but we are slowly getting our breeding pens in order and ready for a new breeding season. Here are our plans (written in pencil for the time being.)
Welsh Harlequins: 3 Drakes 9 Ducks (both silver phase and gold phase all in one pen.)
Indian Runners: 1 Drake 2 Ducks (all trout)
Snowy Mallard: 4 Drakes 4 Ducks (four breeding pens)
Nankins: 2 Cocks 4 Hens (two breeding pens of rose and single combs)
Ameraucana: 1 Cock 4 Hens (one breeding pen all blacks)
Call Ducks: not really sure what we are doing with these, maybe not hatching anything from them, still don't know.
I am pretty sure the New Hampshires, color project, and maybe a couple other birds here and there are for sale...e-mail if interested.

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  1. I like the Trout runners. Theres a man here in Texas that has them