Saturday, December 11, 2010

2011 Price List

A couple of people have e-mailed to ask about prices for birds and I decided it would be easier to post them rather than have to retype them each and every time. So here you go. Please keep in mind that we are NOT a hatchery. We breed for breed standards and breed qualities that we think are important parts of each breed. (We will not sell day-old ducklings.)

2011 Prices

Hatching Eggs:
Welsh Harlequin $20.00 a dz. (includes shipping)
Trout Indian Runners $15.00-6 (includes shipping)
Snowy Mallards $15.00-6 (includes shipping)
*Grey Mallard (will be split for snowy)
*these will be eggs from a very nice quality grey drake over one of our lighter snowy hens. We will only be doing this one pair like this, so only a few eggs will be available. If you are interested in a color project. (E-mail for info about those)
Nankin Bantams $20.00 for 6 eggs. (includes shipping.)
Saxony Ducks $20.00 a dz. (includes shipping) we don't have pictures of these, but we have a very nice strain of these birds, they are older birds, so we don't normally sell many of their eggs, but if you are interested, we do have them. Our two year old shows them from time to time. He won BB and RB Saxony at the last show we went to. Very beautiful birds!

Started & Adult Birds all breeds prices range, but are normally between $10.00-$60.00 for pairs. Once in a while we have individuals for sale and they are $10.00-$25.00 each.

E-mail with questions. Eggs will probably be available around the 1st of Feb. 2011. We do sell adults and well started birds in person, and at the shows we attend. We will not ship them. If you are interested in stock. The 2011 Crossroads National will be in Indianapolis this Fall. It is a great show, and if you contact us, we can hold birds for you for delivery to the show. Just let us know. We plan to hatch a fair number of birds to show and have some for sale there.

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