Tuesday, March 29, 2011

2011 Breeding Season

Well our breeding season is well under way. We have all of our different breeds divided into breeding pens, and we are getting eggs and being patient until we get enough of them to make it worth plugging in the big 1202 incubator. (We are considering buying a small cheap incubator, if the ducks don't pickup...it seems a shame to waste the eggs.)

In other news, all of our Golden Retriever puppies were sold and went on to their new homes. We've heard very good things about them since they left here. We've made plans and an agreement with another breeder to purchase a new dog to add to our family. It will be an Easter present for our children. Stay tuned...We will post pictures as soon as we get it. I will say it is male and SO ADORABLE!

Hope to have ducklings in the next few weeks!

Check back soon!

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