Friday, January 11, 2013

The breeding season is well under way now and while we are getting a fair number of eggs, we are only incubating a few eggs in our Brinsea Eco 20 at the moment. We will probably plug the much larger 1202 in a the next couple of weeks, but we haven't had a consistent number of eggs to justify it until the last few days. Everything except the Mandarins and Silkie-things are laying and we've shipped a few hatching eggs off already, but we are incubating bantam duck eggs currently and should have some Calls and East Indies hatching soon (fingers crossed) and then Wyandotte bantams, a couple of Welsh Harlequins, and then more Call eggs!!! We are planning to let the Romans and Pilgrims go broody and hatch their own babies this year as we really don't need any more of either breed this season, we want to keep our goose numbers about the same for next year as well. The Wyandottes are a recent addition, we finally talked the kids out of Modern Game bantams!!! They are very kid friendly, but not hardy, and we didn't hatch many of them, so the Wyandottes are friendly, VERY fertile, and the kids think they are cute, so they are replacements for the MGB's I hope!

The 2013 Breeds List

Welsh Harlequins both silvers & golds
Snowy Mallards
Gray Mallards
Black East Indies
Magpie Calls
Pilgrim Geese
Tufted Romans
Wyandotte Bantams in black & blue
Paint/White/Splash Silkie/Sizzled Showgirls  *Micah's Breeding Project*



  1. I'm interested in the Trout hens, but they'd have to be shipped to California. If you know anybody who has more Trouts I'm willing to buy hatching eggs or adult birds, thanks.

  2. I am interested in welsh harlequin hatching eggs. How can I get in touch with you?

  3. Hi Jason! It's Kathy who you got your original Trouts from -- do you still have the hens? I'd like to buy them if you do. Check your BYB mail. Thanks!