Sunday, October 27, 2013

Plans for 2014...


Welsh Harlequins
We will again be breeding silver and gold phases in the same breeding pen. We should be able to hatch quite a few hatching eggs in '14, and already have a short waiting list from this year and new people looking to get started in this wonderful breed.

We will be breeding Snowy as our main project, as always, but we are also working with blue fawn and gray this year in hopes of breeding some pastels. These aren't really anything we plan to show or reproduce on any large scale, we just have the birds to breed from, and really like the color patterns. Hatching eggs will be available when they begin laying for both Snowy and the Blue Fawn/Gray project.

East Indies
These belong to my wife like the Mallards belong to me. We recently added another breeding pair to our small flock so hopefully we will have better fertility this year and hopefully, fingers crossed, hatch enough of these where we can pick out and replace some of the breeders with better birds. We will not offer any hatching eggs from these but may have young birds available by Fall.

Tufted Romans
We will sell hatching eggs if we have extras. We plan to let one or two of the hens set, if they choose, but we really don't need additional birds, they are guard/show animals mainly but we would like to hatch and additional female to even up our flock.

We will be offering hatching eggs for these as well, if they go broody we will let them sit as well, but we do not plan to incubate any of their eggs ourselves. The geese tend to hatch best by themselves and we are more than happy to let them since their eggs take up space we could use for ducks in the incubator.

Light Brown Dutch Bantams
These are very special to us, after breeding them years ago, we finally got back into these! We will not offer any hatching eggs but should have a few individuals available late season.

White Silkie/Showgirl Bantams
These will be our son's other project for '14. He managed to get his hen to go broody in August and hatch some babies, well now he's hoping for a repeat and build up his flock. We have whites, and while our Showgirl and Silkie are both pure white, they may throw other colors, but we will offer hatching eggs when available. (We did hatch one blue this year???)

Dun Ameraucana Bantams
These are another one of my projects, they came from the farm up the road where they had decided to no longer breed these so since I am a huge fan of the chocolate color, they had to come down and live with us. We are hoping to secure some nice black females to put in with them in order to breed 50/50 black/duns.

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