Monday, September 7, 2015

The Dogs...

The K&S dog "flock" :) 
(and reference pictures of their parents)

Every "farm" needs a dog! And like the potato chip commercial says "I bet you can't stop with one"... 
So here are some pictures of the "dog flock" at K&S and FQF Farm. 

Keeney's Hopalong Kassidy

Black Abstract-Parti

Her Parents
 (For reference, we do not own these dogs)

Tuffies Levi Blue Jeans       x       Tuffy' s Hoppin' Lily Pads
             Cafe                                                Black & White Parti
PR17447501                                                     PR16271707


FQF's Sir Percy Blakeney

Chocolate & White Parti

His Parents 
(for reference, we do not own the dogs below.)

            Caralot's Black Tye Affair         x          Amber Stars Co Co Chenel
                           Black & White Parti                                         Brown & White Parti            
                        PR15051703                                                       PR17442807


Keeney's High Kalibur Two

Light Golden

(We do not have any pictures of her parents for reference...)

Hyatt's Beau    x     Hyatt's Blueberry Hill
                        SR33573403                 SR43389607                                


"The other four dogs..."

Shandy & Jubilee
(Golden Retrievers)

Dilly & Mally
(Great Pyrenees)

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