Saturday, September 24, 2011

Grown Out and Culled Out

With the Crossroads National and Fall-weather quickly approaching we have been spending a lot of time looking at the birds, handling them, moving them around, and even evaluating them up on the show cages. We have culled this year's babies down to what we are satisfied with holding on to, and what we want to show as young birds at Nationals. We hatched: 9 Trout Indian Runners, 14 Welsh Harlequins, 18 Snowy Mallards, and a bunch of chickens. We have decided to hold on to the following. 4 Indian Runners (which will be just a trio after Nationals.) a trio of Welsh Harlequins, 1 snowy Mallard drake, 2 Snowy Mallard hens, the pied Snowy hen from earlier posts, and our 6 bantam Welsummers as well as the largefowl Welsummer cockerel.
In the Nankin bantams, we are keeping the one rosecomb pullet we hatched this year and purchased five single comb cockerels and a single comb pullet. I saved out the single comb pullet and an older single comb cockerel and have already sold the rest of the older bunch, and then held another single comb cockerel that was about the same age as our rose comb pullet, so now we have on "old" breeding quad consisting of a RC cock, 2 RC hens and a SC hen. An young "older" pair of single comb birds and then a younger pair of 1 SC cockerel and our RC pullet. Can you follow that? 3 male birds and 5 female birds total in that breed.
The Welsummers turned out to be five pullets and 1 cockerel as well as one largefowl cockerel!!! So that was pretty cool! So now we have to wait as the rest grow out, fill out, and feather out to see what our birds will look like for the Crossroads show.
We do still have a few odds and ends for sale if anyone is interested! And we are starting to get 1-2 eggs a day again, so we should have eggs available for the people that have contacted me about Fall hatching eggs.
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