Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Some Nankins...

I love this guys comb! There is a full body shot of him further down, but in a breed where there is often little attention paid to a quality comb, this bird has a pretty nice one. Its small, has nice DISTINCT points and an actual blade in the rear. (No spike like you often see from the rose-crosses.)

This is the hen that "started it all". She came from Mary Ann Harley's stock at the '06 Crossroads National, and I actually got her from a local breeder where a lot of my stock originally came from, and some still does, but she is the first Nankin hen I ever purchased, along with a rose combed cock bird that is still alive, but he lives at a 4Her's house not far from us.

Cock #27- rose combed, mostly red earlobe

Cockerel #91- single combed, completely red earlobe

Cockerel #43- single combed, mostly white earlobe.
I love his tail and sickles, but the lobe bothers me. Luckily the other single comb cockerel will probably end up as the single comb breeder for 2012, and this one will be a back-up "just-in-case" male bird.

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